Cox Technique

Cox technique is chiropractic spinal adjustment that works a bit differently than what chiropractic has typically been associated with. It is a little bit like traction and does not have any of the sudden movements that create a cracking sound. It was originally designed to treat disc injuries such as disc herniation and disc protrusion, but can be used for a variety of conditions.

During the treatment, you will lie on your stomach (or possibly on your side if you are pregnant). Then the doctor will contact your back or neck and slowly stretch the spine as the table itself moves down, to the side, and even in a circular motion.

Cox Technique has the following benefits:

It increases the intervertebral disc height to remove tension on both the disc itself as well as the nerve root. When this happens, pain down your arm or leg will be relieved because the nerve itself is no longer getting compressed.
It helps to redistribute the fluid that exists inside your joints. This in turn will allow the joint to return to its proper motion and that “stiff, stuck” feeling will be relieved.

Because there isn't a lot of force nor is there any sudden movement with this adjustment, it is ideal for arthritic patients, patients with osteoporosis, or patients who are just plain nervous.

Cox Videos

Neck Adjustment
This video is a demonstration of a neck adjustment using the Cox technique.

Low Back Adjustment

This video is a demonstration of a low back adjustment using the Cox technique.

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