Your First Visit

What to expect on your first visit

If this is your first time to a chiropractor, you may be curious about what is going to happen. The first thing that we will have you do is fill out a four page form that asks questions about your health history and about the nature of your problem. We request that you come about 10 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out this paperwork as it does take a bit of time to fill out. 

Next you will be brought to the treatment room. Dr. Mestdagh will then take a verbal history of your problems so that he can assess your situation and what your needs are. You may bring up any of your concerns that you have at this time. For example: “I am six weeks pregnant!” or “ I have a heart condition.”

Next, Dr. Mestdagh will do a physical exam. The exam is to analyze your problem and assess the amount of injury that you have and what can be done to help resolve your problem. The exam will consist of tests such as how far you can turn your neck or does it hurt when your leg is raised up. If x-rays are required, then you may be sent for them at this time.

Finally, Dr. Mestdagh may administer some form of treatment. In most cases, this would be a chiropractic adjustment. There are different types of adjustments and our office will help determine what adjustment is right for you. Other therapies may also include electric stimulation, myofascial release (muscle work), or education on stretches and exercises.


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