Golf and Posture

How important is your posture in golf?

Golf season is finally upon us. For many of us, this is the time that we have been waiting for after long months of being cooped up at home. I would like you to imagine this situation:  It is a hot day and you chose to walk the course to get some exercise. You are doing well and just slightly below par on the 14th hole. You are a bit tired and your hip is starting to nag at you. You take the swing. Because your hip is pulling, the swing goes wide and instead of on the green, it goes straight into the sand to the right of it.

Did your bad swing come from poor posture? You could make a strong argument for it. There are a lot of other factors that play into this scenario. The heat can cause muscles to pull as you sweat and lose electrolytes. The fact that you chose to walk despite not getting much exercise before.  The muscles could even be pulling in your hip because you have fallen arches in your feet causing a bunch of muscles in the hips and knees to be under constant stress (more so now that you are standing and walking on the fallen arch).

Posture is an important part of golf. In order to make a swing properly, there is a certain motion that your body needs to make to do it well.  You may not be injured, but that doesn't mean that everything is moving smoothly.

Thankfully, here at Blue Quill Chiropractic, we have the ability to do a detailed exam and create a plan to get everything moving smoothly. And then making that simple shot that you know you can make will happen.

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